Approximately 235,000 people injure themselves in their bathroom in the United States annually. Who knew that bathroom could be so dangerous? Nevertheless, when you think about it makes a lot of sense. Bathrooms usually have tile that is extremely slippery when wet and most bathrooms harbor a lot of humidity during baths or showers. Consequently, falls are an obvious threat. Interestingly, it is not just the elderly that are enduring injuries in the bathroom. CDC studies show that a sizable number of injuries happen to those aged 15 and younger—and all the injuries are not related to falls.

How safe is your bathroom?

Take a look at the following areas in your bathroom and identify if there can be any improvements to make it safer.

Hand Rails Prevent Falls

Almost always when we lose our balance, we reach for something to stabilize us. A bathroom absent hand rails often finds a slip victim contortioned oddly on the floor with a shower curtain that's been pulled down. Sturdy hand rails can give you just the help you need to prevent an injury.

Non-slip Bath Mats

Wet feet on tile is recipe for disaster, especially if one is stepping out of the bath or shower. A wrong step is all that's needed to lose balance. Bath mats with non-slip bottoms can prevent these events from ever occurring. Placing these mats wherever water has a propensity to be on the bathroom floor could avert a disaster.


Water and electricity is a deadly combo. Yet, there are usually outlets located in key areas in your bathroom. Instead of allowing electrical items to remain plugged for quick use, always unplug them and put them up. It only takes one mistake with an electrical item in the bathroom to damage or take a life.
Remember to be safe and enjoy your plumbing. Never let it become a health hazard.

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