Backed up drain or sewer?  Leaking pipe or water heater?  Whatever your plumbing problem in Cathedral City, California we're ready with 24 hour emergency services.  There's always a live person to answer your call, 365 days of the year.  Besides professional drain cleaning and sewer cleaning with the latest in hydro jetting equipment, we have experts in repair and replacement water heatersleak detection, and slab leak repair.

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Way more than a drain cleaning company, we're a full-service plumbing contractor.  That includes installing and repairing faucets, toilets, sinks, and garbage disposals.  All the way to complete copper re-piping.  Our employees are highly trained, licensed, and insured.  They'll arrive at your Cathedral City home or business uniformed and with a well-marked and well-stocked truck, right when they say they will.  And they'll take the time to explain whatever problem they find, along with any options for making things right.

Drain Cleaning in Cathedral City

Our drain cleaning specialists have seen it all.  The toughest clogs are almost always in the kitchen as a result of grease building up inside drain pipes. So there's actually a reason why it always seems to happen after special dinners with a sink full of dishes.  They're difficult to clear because liquid drain cleaners are usually ineffective on grease and enzyme cleaners can take as long as 24 hours to work (  Even drain snaking often just pokes a hole that fills back in over the following days, weeks, or months.  Our experts know exactly what to do in each situation for long-lasting drain cleaning.

TIP:  Bath and laundry clogs are typically a lot easier.  You can often clear them yourself by simply pulling hair, lint, and soap scum out from just below the grate, and liquid (sodium hypoclorite) drain cleaners are often effective.  But experts say to never use lye (sodium hydroxide and/or potassium hydroxide ) based products as the risk of damaging plumbing and fixtures is just too high.

Sewer Cleaning

If more than one fixture is slow-running or backed up the problem is most likely in the "lateral" line that runs out to the Cathedral City sewer main at the street.  If so, we can deploy any of several levels of sewer cleaning gear — a drain snake, auger, or hydro jetting.  We may also use our advanced video camera inspection equipment to quite literally take a look all down your sewer line to determine the exact nature and location of the blockage.  That could be tree roots, a foreign object that got flushed (usually by a precocious child), or just a build up of grease, grime, and sludge.  That also lets us inspect the condition of your sewer line for cracks, breaks, corrosion, and so on.

Hydro Jetting

High pressure water jetting is the most thorough way to clean drains and sewer lines.  Our hydro jetting equipment leaves the inside of pipes as clean as when they were first installed.  And that smooth surface makes it harder for clogs to start building up again.  With higher pressure and a different nozzle, our hydro jetting can even clean most (90%) tree roots without digging to get you back in operation fast.

Cathedral City Electronic Leak Detection

Not being able to find a leak can be frustrating, and eventually leads to water damage.  Our leak detection specialists will first perform a sensitive pressure test to confirm or rule out the presence of a leak.  They'll then use electronic leak location instruments to precisely locate it, without making any holes in your walls or floors.  Our related services include electronic pipe location and electronic sewer location.

Slab Leak Repair

Most buildings in Cathedral City use a concrete slab-on-grade foundation as the first floor.  If your plumbing problem is under that, you'll need a slab leak repair.  Slab leaks can occur for a variety of reasons (such as uneven ground settling) and with just about any type of plumbing, but galvanized pipes used in pre-1970s construction tends to corrode and soft copper pipe used in the mid-1980s tends to develop pinhole slab leaks.  Depending on your particular situation you may have one or more options for slab leak repair:  a spot repair (hacking through the concrete and replacing a short section of pipe), pipe lining (adding a thin inner lining from an accessible point in the plumbing), or re-routing new pipe around the outside of the slab.

Water Heaters

Whether for water heater repair or installation, gas or electric, we provide fast-response fast professional services.  We quote a flat rate up front, and no one's on commission so there's no pressure towards a replacement.  We'll send out someone who is an expert at diagnosis to go right to the source of the problem.  Common problems include

  • A leaking valve, fitting, or tank,
  • Smelly or rusty water,
  • Strange noises, and
  • Of course not enough or no hot water.

The last is actually the most difficult to troubleshoot, as the problem could be anywhere in a chain of components that all have to be working properly.

If it is time for a replacement water heater installation we'll advise you on the size (ranging from 30 to 100 gallons for residential, larger for commercial), manufacturer, and model that best fits your particular needs and budget.  We'll also explain the important energy-efficiency requirements for tank sizes above 55 gallons and the options available to you.  That may include tankless water heaters for non-stop and in many cases instant hot water together with big energy savings.  Tankless water heaters have been used for decades Japan and Europe, outperforming and outlasting traditional designs, and are finally catching on in the US.

Like most of the area, Cathedral City has hard water.  It comes from naturally occurring magnesium and calcium that your body actually needs but it makes soaps and detergents less effective and causes scale buildup in plumbing.  That makes an annual (or more frequent) water heater drain-and-flush even more important in maintaining performance and extending lifetimes.  As recommended by manufacturers, we can provide this as preventive maintenance along with a safety and performance inspection.

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