Do you need a local plumber in Indian Wells, California?  Super Rooters is ready 24 hours a day for drain cleaning, sewer cleaning, and a whole lot more.  For persistent kitchen clogs and tree roots invading a sewer line our unique hydro-jetting equipment completely clears the problem with a minimum of disruption.  Are you seeing stains or have other reasons to suspect a water leak?  Our leak detection experts can track it down without destroying walls or flooring.  And if necessary we can follow through with the latest in slab leak repairs.  Not enough hot water?  Super Rooters also has specialists in water heaters, both repair, and installation.

Why Call Super Rooter Plumbing & Leak Detection?

We're full-service local plumbers, way beyond rooter-only companies, with our unique hydro jetting and leak detection equipment backing up highly trained and always professional plumbers.  We're leaders in residential and commercial plumbing services in Indian Wells, including faucets & fixtures, garbage disposals, and toilets & sinks.  A family-owned local business for over 19 years our company is fully licensed and insured and our 24-hour emergency services are available 7 days a week.

Our Indian Wells Services

We want to be your local plumber for years and years to come.  Our Indian Wells customers really appreciate our personalized services and the personal attention to our outstanding customer service.  You can count on a prompt on-schedule arrival, and our well-stocked trucks mean that we can take care of most problems in a single visit.

Drain Cleaning

When you have a slow running or backed up sink or a blocked toilet, a quick try with a plunger or drain cleaning liquid is usually worth a try.  But never use any product containing lye (sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide) as they do indeed damage plumbing.  If that doesn't work, you really want an expert that takes a few minutes to understand the situation and makes sure that the problem is completely solved before leaving.

Kitchen sinks (whether at home or at a business) are usually the toughest, with clogs typically caused by grease and tiny bits of food debris that gradually build up.  That often affects long sections of pipe.  If liquid drain cleaners or "a guy and a truck" don't provide a long-lasting solution, grease is probably the culprit.  Our experts know exactly what to look out for, and can use hydro jetting to completely remove all build-up.  Bathroom clogs aren't as difficult, and it's often possible to just pull out soap scum and hair.  In the laundry room soap, fabric softener, and lint are the likely suspects and cabling (snaking) alone is almost always successful.

Sewer Cleaning

All fixtures connect to a single line going out to the Indian Wells sewer line at the street.  Toilet backups or facing several drain problems at once usually mean that you need sewer cleaning.  The culprit could be a foreign object, tree roots, or simply grease, grime, and sludge.  Our video camera inspection will tell us which, and also let us check for cracks and brakes in the sewer line that may cause problems later.  With sewer snakes, augers, and high-pressure water jetting we can take care of most problems without any digging or pipe replacements.

Hydro Jetting

When cabling (drain snaking) isn't enough we can use our powerful hydro jetting (water jetting) equipment.  High-pressure water (1,000 psi or more) and special nozzles safely remove all build up, leaving the inside of drain pipes and sewer lines completely clean.  With higher pressures and a different set of nozzles  9 times out of 10 hydro jetting even cuts through tree root intrusions.

Water and Gas Leak Detection

A leaking faucet, valve, or water heater is usually pretty obvious.  But sometimes problems are hidden inside walls or even under a concrete floor.  Besides continuing to wastewater, ignoring a suspicion can leave you with some pretty expensive water damage repairs.  Our experts have the latest in electronic pipe location and electronic leak location instruments, so there's no guesswork.  We also provide outdoor sewer location and gas leak detection services.

Slab Leak Repair

A faulty pipe underneath the concrete slab can be a big problem, eventually undermining the foundation and leading to structural damage.  Detection and location can be tricky but is well worth the effort in reducing slab leak repair costs and disruptions to your home or business life.  Besides hacking through concrete and replacing the faulty section of pipe, we can install PEX or copper re-piping around the perimeter and avoid future problems as well.  Your slab leak repair options may also include pipelining to seal pinhole leaks.

Water Heater Installation and Repair

Super Rooter also employs experts in troubleshooting, repairing, and replacing hot water heaters, both residential and commercial, both gas and electric.  We're also experienced in new installations.  With no commissions, we charge a flat rate and will be happy to discuss repair versus replace trade-offs.  With outstanding diagnostic skills, our technicians can go straight to the actual problem even in unusual cases.  And if it's time for a replacement we'll work with you to determine the best size, make, and model for your particular priorities.  Water heating is the 2nd biggest home energy user in climates such as Indian Wells', so energy-efficiency should be a big factor.

Tankless Water Heaters

Starting in 2105 new federal standards require advanced technologies for larger sizes (above 55 gallons) — condensing heat exchangers for gas units and heat pump technology for electric units.  Tankless water heaters can be a great alternative, especially if you're upgrading for a building addition.  They've been in use in Japan and Europe for over 50 years, with big savings in energy and water.  Small enough to be installed in a kitchen or bath, tankless water heaters can also mean no waiting and never running out of hot water.

Indian Wells CA Water Quality

Unlike many areas in California's Coachella Valley, Indian Wells doesn't have major issues with hard water.  The local water district reports total hardness ranging from 9 to 110 ppm (parts per million) with an average of about 72 ppm (  That's a pretty wide range, spanning from soft to moderately hard, averaging moderately hard — better than most of the United States.

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