Commercial Plumbing Services

Looking for a great local commercial plumber?  Call Super Rooter.  We provide 24/7 commercial plumbing services to all Palm Springs, Palm Desert, La Quinta, Rancho Mirage, Bermuda Dunes, Cathedral City, Indian Wells and Indio, California. 

Weather it is commercial drain maintenance or commercial water heater repair we stand ready with 24 hour emergency services for your plumbing emergencies. Our plumbers are licensed and uniformed, and our company is fully insured.  We have flat-rate up-front pricing and no commissions so you'll get only the service you really need.

Commercial Plumbing Emergencies

There's no need to define commercial plumbing emergencies.  If it affects your business, it's an emergency.  We know that whatever the outage you're loosing money, and quite possibly future customers, every minute until it's fixed.  That's why we're ready 24/7 for leaks, burst pipes, faulty water heaters, clogged drains, and more.

Our commercial drain cleaning can go far beyond rooter-only services.  With video camera drain inspection we'll locate and properly diagnose the blockage and then totally clear it — no half-measures that can lead to problems later.  We're ready for the special demands of laundries, hotels, retirement homes, educational facilities, restaurants, and so on.  We're experts in kitchens, where liquid drain cleaners and even snaking often aren't enough.  If there's food handling, we'll send out a specialist in grease traps and grease-clogs in drain and sewer lines.

If your plumbing problem is a leak hidden inside a wall, above a ceiling, within a crawl space, or even under the concrete floor slab our leak detection experts will track it down with a minimum of disruption and with as little restoration needed as possible.

Commercial Drain Maintenance

Our drain maintenance specialists are experts in wash sinks, preparation sinks, dishwashers, and public lavatories.  We've seen it all, and know exactly what commercial drain maintenance is most effective in preventing problems.  From the fixture to the sewer connection at the street, our preventive drain services include periodic drain snaking and video camera drain inspections.  We'll anticipate FOG (fats, oils, and grease) issues with grease trap inspection and cleaning as well.

Commercial Water Heaters

Compared to residential DHW units, commercial water heaters are built to last.  And their larger capacities usually put them under new Federal energy-efficiency regulations.  Replacement gas-fired units must have condensing heat ex-changers and electric units must incorporate heat pump technology.  So there's more reasons to lean towards a water heater repair instead of a new water heater installation.

Are you suddenly facing inadequate or no hot water?  Or a leak, strange popping or banging noises, or perhaps rusty-colored or bad-smelling water?  Our plumbers are experts at diagnosis and quick efficient repairs.  They'll trace the symptoms back to the root cause, whether that's a faulty over-temperature lock-out on electric units or pilot light, thermocouple, burner, vent, gas valve, thermostat, or controller problems on gas units.  They're also experienced with protection anodes and tank corrosion, leaky fittings, and faulty temperature-pressure relief valves.

Even well-maintained commercial water heaters don't last forever.  Fifteen years is a good run, so you'll likely need an installation sooner or later.  Our professionals aren't on any commissions, and will be happy to help you size and select the best brand and model for your situation, including more economical alternatives to those new technologies.  To keep that new unit, or your existing unit, lasting longer we can arrange annual inspections and drain and flush maintenance services.

Customer Satisfaction

Super Rooter Plumbing & Leak Detection understands that customer satisfaction starts with arriving at your home on time. You won’t have to interrupt your day, wasting valuable time waiting on your plumber. Our on-time record is second to none, and we arrive ready to work. Your service technician will apply the same attention to detail and quality workmanship to every job, large or small.

  • Licensed, Bonded, & Insured
  • Uniformed Plumbers
  • 20 Years in Business
  • Family Owned and Operated
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • 24 Hour Emergency Service
  • General Plumbing Service
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  • Cooper Re-Piping
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  • Water & Gas Leaks
  • Video Camera Inspection
  • Electronic Leak & Sewer Locating
  • Water Heaters
  • Slab Leaks
  • High Tech Water Jetting

Complete Residential and Commercial Plumbing & Drain Services in Palm Springs, Palm Desert, Indian Wells & surrounding areas.

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