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What Are Slab Leaks?

Most buildings in the area — residential, commercial, and industrial alike — have slab on-grade construction for the first floor. That floor is concrete, poured over leveled soil. Whenever pipes, either supply or sewer lines, run under that concrete any water leakage is called a slab leak. And that's a big two-fold problem. First, they're hard to detect. You may have no other indication than an increase in your water bill. Second, if the leaking continues long enough it can cause severe and expensive damage to the building.

You essentially have an underground pipe leaking. Just a small flow will erode the soil under the floor and lead to uneven settling. That in turn can lead to major cracks in the floor, and even the walls and ceilings. Even a small leak can discharge thousands or even tens-of-thousands of gallons a month.

Slab Leak Detection

When a water leak is under the concrete floor, there are several inches of concrete and then flooring or carpet above it. So you may or may not notice a damp spot or perhaps a little mold or musty odor. If it's in a hot water pipe you might notice a warm spot or your water heater turning on more often than usual.

If it's a sewer line break you might notice an odor. In extreme cases you might even hear hissing or running water. But your only clue may be a slight increase in your water bill. That's why many businesses have regular pressure tests made on their plumbing.
Next Level's expert plumbers can perform pressure testing and other types of tests to determine whether or not there is a problem far more accurately than any do-it-yourself checks. These tests are quick and don't disturb the building or plumbing in any way other than a brief shut-off of water service.
If there is a problem we'll bring in our electronic, acoustic, and/or infrared gear to precisely locate the slab leak. Electronic detectors either directly or indirectly measure the change in electrical conductivity, much like the way that a metal detector works. Acoustic detection fills the pipes with compressed air or inert nitrogen and then uses sensitive microphones to pick up the hiss of the escaping gas. Infrared thermal cameras take live digital pictures that indicate even tiny temperature differences that result from hot or cold water. Combined with our plumber's years of experience and training we'll determine exactly where any and all problems are located.

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Slab Leak Repair

Without precise locations, slab leak repairs would have to begin with breaking through the concrete in several places to track down the problem. So it's vital to bring in experts such as ourselves to avoid those costs and the even larger costs of restoring the concrete and your flooring.
We may propose one or more slab leak repair solutions depending on your particular situation, and will be happy to discuss any and all alternatives with you.

  • Spot repair breaks through the concrete and then replaces just the damaged section of water pipe. If the rest of your plumbing is in good condition this may be the most cost-effective solution.
  • Pipe re-routing fixes the problem by adding plumbing that goes around the outside of the floor slab. This involves minimal disruption and any future problems will be far easier to detect and repair. It's often the best solution for older buildings.
  • Pipe lining adds an epoxy lining to existing pipes, essentially creating a pipe within a pipe. This type of slab leak repair is also minimally disruptive and can fix several problems at once as well as reduce the odds of future leaking. It's most suitable when there are a number of small leaks and the existing pipes are of ample diameter.

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